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There are various ways to automate a gate system and this can be frustrating when trying to decide which method is right for your personal needs.


DB1 SECURITY will guide and advise you every step of the way, we will conduct a FREE site survey,  then give you the best options based on site size, budget and style.


We offer a wide range of automated gates, including sliding and swing gate systems.



The most popular and more traditional style of automated gate. Consisting of two individually automated gate leafs or one automated gate leaf spanning the whole of the entrance.


Swing gates can be fabricated to your chosen style. From wrought iron or timber with railings and fence panels to match. there are two options when automating a pair of swing gates depending on the gate design and hinge arrangement.

Automated swing gate Electric sliding gate



Sliding and cantilever gate are typically used in scenarios where space is limited or the driveway gradient is too steep to allow for swing gates to open.


A sliding gate will require a steel track to be installed across the total length of the opening. The gate then slides open and closes on special gate wheels, a cantilever gate is fixed and balanced on a central roller system, therefore floats above the driveway with no need for a steel track to be installed.


A drive motor is mounted centrally along the travel which connects to a toothed racking mounted along the length of the electric gate.


Underground motor



Above ground motors can be either hydraulic or electro mechanical arms or articulated arm operators. which are generally mounted midway up the electric gate. and are visible at all times.


Underground electro mechanical motors are fitted in a steel underground housing submerged to ground level below each gate hinge. They are more aesthetically pleasing as you do not see any of the motors and will not require additional open and closed stops.